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Martin Cooper

Martin Cooper

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Born January 1962 in Beverley, East Yorkshire, England 2005 - present,Coquitlam BC Martin has been an Amateur Wildlife Photographer and full time Nature lover for over 20 years. Martin emigrated to Canada from England in 2005. A short stroll with his morning coffee had Martin watching a Beaver building a dam rekindling his passion for nature Photography. "I've always loved to photograph wildlife but the number and diversity of the wildlife in Canada and even my yard is just ... Wow!" He has spent many hours walking the trails in South Burnaby near the Fraser River and a chance encounter with a family of coyotes from a municipal golf course has made the coyote his favourite. "I think it's the eye contact, whenever I photograph a coyote there is always a moment before or after the shutter is pressed where your eyes meet which is always a magical moment to me. Of course the coyote is probably thinking it's just him in my way, again." Martin also hosts 2-3 small nature walks per year to introduce people to, and give a better understanding of who they share their "backyards" with. Awards: Finalist BBC Veolia Wildlife Photographer of the Year 2012 Highly Commended (Urban Wildlife): BBC Veolia Wildlife Photographer of the Year 2011 Semi-finalist x4: BBC Veolia Wildlife photographer of the Year 2011 Honorable Mention (Mammals): Canadian Geographic Wildlife Photography of the Year 2011 Winner (Birds): Canadian Geographic Wildlife Photography of the Year 2009 Runner up (Urban Wildlife): Canadian Geographic Wildlife Photography of the Year 2009 Publications: "Another Bend in the river?" (120 page photobook of nature images around the Fraser River area of South Burnaby) Works in progress: "On the tracks" (working title) A photobook showing the diversity of wildlife using the railway tracks in Burnaby. "Bootsy and the Animals of Deer Lake" (completed) Short story aimed at 5-9 year olds about four kittens and their magical adventure in the wild.
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