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Henning von Vogelsang

Henning von Vogelsang




I believe in story telling

Published December 9th, 2011

Digital photography has changed the world. It closed the gap between hobby and professionalism, or let's say it removed the last barriers, the more complicated side of processing pictures. iPhones and snapshot cameras put the focus back on "opportunity", so virtually everyone has now the potential to grow their skills and take pictures anywhere and everywhere.

Of course, along with this emergence came the bloated pile of pictures released to the world. The quality ranges from really poor to extraordinary. Since manual processing, or bringing a film roll to a photo lab has been taken out of the workflow, the world wide media output of photography has increased drastically over the past couple of years.

On the levels of exposure to the technology, to the opportunities to take pictures anywhere and any time, to the increase of quality, because more people are more deeply looking into photography, all is good.

On the level of content, it became more mundane, or less interesting. If I'm ...

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