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Corey Duckworth

Corey Duckworth



ABOUT ME: First and for most - I'm a family man, MARRIED, Lover of GOD, a business man, and last but not least I'm also a Photographer/Designer: Corey S. Duckworth. www.csd-photography.net My occupation and what I specialize in as a whole is "Visual Communication" you can visit my website at: www.voiceoptics.com My Expertise: Motion Graphics/ Video Production/ Video Editing/ Digital Photography/ Web Design/ and Illustration, SOFTWARE: Photoshop CC/ Lightroom 5/ Dreamweaver CC/ Final Cut Pro X/ Adobe Bridge CC/ InDesign CC/ Illustrator CC/ ___________________________________ "VOICE OPTICS - Communication through decoration." Voice Optics is a fairly new addition to the world of technology and design, with a team of creative individuals that form a "Creative Collaboration Club". We intend to bring a fresh outlook of the production industry, and the quality of work and customer satisfaction therein. We are a Visual Communication company, our mission is to effectively use creative artwork to persuade, entertain, inform and enlighten an observing audience of products, ideas and messages through visual art. The goal is to produce tasteful art using our creative team of individuals that specialize in: Graphic Design, Photography, Illustration, video production and Motion graphics in which we manage by utilizing various forms of visual media to communicate ideas to a desired audience. Whereas we may offer many similar services as other production organizations, we have no boundaries and strives to meet a variety of needs in the venues of technology and design. This we feel is one of the many characteristics that sets us apart from competitors. Our marketing efforts are targeted to a wide range of consumers. While we welcome individuals with personal family and small event projects, we are also equipped to service larger projects ranging from advertisement for current and upcoming organizations to community and other large events and the production needs of movies, documentaries, and music videos. Billboards, commercials, and magazine ads are all great marketing tools for success. They catch your eye and give you ideas, but people make it happen, as long as we continue to commit to the quality of services and customer satisfaction, we believe that we can go far and beyond the goals set out for us.
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