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Water Drop Set-Up

Published June 7th, 2012

This is one of a few set-up shots I will be posting.


Basic Set-Up for Water Drops

This is my basic set up for water drop collisions. I use three Speedlite flashes behind frosted glass. I use either plastic colored gels over the flashes or I have a colored overhead transparency attached to the glass for a softer feel. Heights of the drip reservoir vary. I never stick to one method. It is always changing. The Time Machine and drip kit control box are at the front of the desk. The water tray has to be elevated so that I don't get the reflection of the wood block holding my acid etched glass. Materials I use are on shelves to the right of the desk. Positions of the two flash guns remain constant, but the small one on the blue tripod gets moved around for different lighting effects.
The little metal gadget under the tripod is a socket wrench shaft extender which I use as a focusing aid. I will put this in the water tray and position it so I get a drop in the center. I then use live view 5x to focus on the front of this so that I can get most of the focus on the front of the drop which is what I prefer.

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Manu Gopal  over 5 years ago

this is so cool. thanx Corrie.

Allan Squires  over 5 years ago

Gosh I wish I had the space you got there Corrie, it would be such a delight.

juan leon  over 5 years ago

very nice!

Nan An  over 5 years ago

This is really cool! scientific!