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I have been asked a few times why I added "The1andonly" to my nick "Cosmo". Well, that's very easy: I've been around on the internet since it was open for the public and since that time I mostly used the nick "Cosmo"- -as in cosmopolitan- -for chats and so on. When I joined 500px, the nick "Cosmo" was already taken, hence the extension "1andonly". About me : Former PR consultant (in the political field, hence : A [former] [aka] [spin doctor), an actual Dr indeed [pol.sci] , and since 20 yrs marketing consultant and real estate broker [any property left for sale ? Call me, or e-mail me !! I got the very best investors !]. Whenever I have- -occasionally- -some time left, I dedicate it to writing novels, short stories, and sometimes comments for papers. I'm interested in philosophy, history, literature, and certainly in photography. My favourite philosopher is Peter Sloterdijk. My favourite writer is Carlos Ruiz Zafón. Sorry, no US-boy here. My home is WV, which is the most beautiful piece of the world. Often I spend some time in Andalucía/Spain, which is, in certain parts of it, even more beautiful. A word about copyright : My pictures are protected by the copyright laws of the EUROPEAN UNION, which means that the U.S. laws do NOT apply to them. It means that you are NOT allowed to copy the pictures in order to publish them on other websites or in any kind of print media, no matter if you change even one pixel.
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