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Costas Dumitrescu

Costas Dumitrescu



363 I don’t like making an auto description because I don’t think I would be objective enough… request that seems quite stupid because by our oneness we can only be subjective. And especially less in art, where exactly subjectivism can create something valuable. So you don’t need to know more than you need to know about me. I graduated an art college and a philosophy one. I think this was quite enough about organized study… but as I think that we never cease studying we continue on individual basis with different means but the institutionalized ones. As I can’t bring myself to negociate with time I feel a constant pressure of the next thing to be finished and which, evidently, I never get to an end. Photography is my only concern that can never bore me on a long term, but which also creates the biggest frustration… so many things happening around me and I can only shoot a tiny tiny little part… so obscure and irrelevant…
  • nikon d4/nikon d3x/olympus om-d
  • 16-35mmf4/24mm f 1.4/50mm f1.8/85mm f 1.8/ 70-200mm f2.8/400mm f 2.8

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