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Guido Merkelbach

My name is Guido, I am a 45 year old gay man. Born and raised in Germany, I live together with my dutch partner in Amsterdam, the Netherlands. My german hometown is Cologne.

I started my professional career as a call center agent in Germany but am currently employed by an airline and based at Amsterdam airport (ground).

My birthday is on 06th February, born in 1967. Therefore, I am over 21 years old. Just in case.

About my photography: as a child I discovered my interest for photography when I found an old Voigtländer camera in a drawer of my parents. I started to practice with that non-automatic model and as my interest grew I later got a state of the art Minolta SLR camera for Christmas from my parents.

I preferred to make slides instead of paper photos but during time my interest for photography diminished a bit the more I developed an interest for the upcoming computers and internet.

Nevertheless, the interest for photography became only dormant but never really disappeared and with the technical advance of digital cameras my passion for photography popped up again. Now, I can combine internet and photography and after having tried out an early digital Casio model I convinced my partner to buy a digital SLR model, a Canon 10D. I became enthusiast about the possibilities of making digital photos just as good as "good old" slides and/or paper photos and I now enjoy having the opportunity to share my photos with family and friends and even a broader audience through sites like flickr or ipernity or 500px. Since my Canon SLR caught a spot on its sensor and every photo required editing I more often used my small and compact Nikon P5000. Meanwhile, a later Canon SLR model joined my equipment and I am very happy being able again to explore the broader possibilities a SLR offers compared to a more limited compact model.

The things I photograph include basically everything that crosses my lens. But I do of course have a preference and especially enjoy taking pictures of architecture, landscapes, nature in general like flowers, trees, sky and clouds, the ocean. I have a passion for planes, trains, trams, buses and cruise ships and beautifully designed objects and colors and therefore you'll find those subjects back in my photos as well. ;)

Occasionally I do take photos of people but I don't excel in that...

I bought my photo equipment here.

About my other interests: besides photography I have some other interests as well like travelling around the world. A few years ago my hubby and I got bitten by the "cruise bug" and since then we love to spend our vacation onboard a cruise ship but we also love to fly to different places around the world, preferably on new planes, airlines, routes and through new airports we haven't seen or travelled on before.

Another favourite pastime is surfing the internet and doing creative things with my Apple iMac computer. After having started computing with Microsoft equipped computers I finally was able to make the switch to an excellent Apple iMac and now feel I have a much more enjoyable computing and internet experience. I do love and use different Apple gadgets like the iPhone and iPad.

I also developped a great passion for civil aviation. I not only work in the industry but I also enjoy flying and all things airline. I like reading books and magazines about airlines and airports and I used to collect all kinds of brochures and timetables issued by airlines though I restricted myself in recent years to collect material of certain airlines only.

Public transport by train, tram or bus is another of my interests and I enjoy riding them as well as taking photos of them and studying associated route maps and timetables.

Finally, I also have a great passion for visual things. I enjoy maps, graphic and industrial design, architecture and interior design and photography as well as fine bone china (especially airline china) and glass ware.

Usually, I like being at home though together with my partner but I enjoy an occasional trip to a cafe or bar but especially a nice restaurant with friends. I turn my head for bear men and hairy men and daddies and love to meet and be around them but I also care to see old friends and meet new ones. So why don't you drop me a line and say hello?

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