Hope for my friend

Published August 21st, 2013

.....when i first met Stefan, i couldn't stop being amazed how this giant bear, strong bones fitted man carry such a warm and kind heart.

A rare breed of a man, a good man and a special friend.

Unfortunately, as usual good people get hit by the shit first,

and so it happened...

.....little less than 3 years ago, Stefan was diagnosed with ALS , a cruel devastating neurodegenerative disease. Amyotrophic Lateral Sclerosis causes degeneration and disintegration of motor neuron cells. With the degeneration of the nervous system also the muscles become weak and unfunctional where as cognitive function and sensory nerves are not affected. Therefore patients with ALS become prisoners of their own body and most of them finally die because of suffocation, approximately 3 to 4 years after the diagnosis.

As said there is no official cure for ALS. However, for people who have been diagnosed with ALS, clinical trials with transplantation of neural stem cells are their only hope.

That is ...

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Waiting In The Afterglow

Published April 11th, 2013


...Cerknisko jezero, Slovenia....

Lake Cerknica is intermittent lake in the Southwestern part of Slovenia. When full is the largest lake in Slovenia, when not it's eerie features come to the light. Legends of witches are alive here and so is the saying "where witches bewitched the nature"...

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