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Dan Andrei

Art Director / Photographer / Painter / Graphic Designer JUST ASK!

I am an art director, photographer and painter specialized in advertising, fine art photography and graphic design, based in Bucharest (Romania) and also have studios in Miami, FL and Lisbon, (Portugal).
I work across various creative facets.
Mainly working in photography, graphic design and illustration, I always try to be original and unexpected in my approach. By mixing all the elements of creativity I found new and exciting ways to communicate...

Booking a photo shoot is easy. It all starts by sending me an e-mail or calling+40 740 616 919.
When you send the e-mail, be sure to include several pieces of information.
I need to know what type of shoot you are looking for (personal, modeling,portrait, music, promo, advertising etc), if you are looking to do studio or location or both, if you will need a stylist, makeup artist/hair stylist, timeline information, and how the images will be used (personal, print, web,publicity etc). Once I have that information, I will quickly be able to get back to you with an estimate and we can book the shoot.
Do not forget to mention a contact telephone number so I can get in touch with you to discuss a time and a place to meet .


2014 - SALONUL FOTOGRAFULUI ROMÂN / ROMANIA ( group / Romanian Art Photographers Association)

2013 - NeoGalateca Gallery BUCHAREST / ROMANIA (Fashion Ten / group exhibition)

2013 - CAROL 53 ART CENTER BUCHAREST / ROMANIA (60' Underground / group exhibition)


2013 - SAROGLIA GALLERY BUCHAREST / ROMANIA (personal exhibition)

2012 - PENTHOUSE GALLERY BUCHAREST / ROMANIA (personal exhibition)


2011 - COLORIDA GALLERY LISBON / PORTUGAL (personal exhibition)

2010 - JOAO FRASAO GALLERY LISBON / PORTUGAL (personal exhibition)

There are moments when we ask ourselves about life purposes, meanings and motivations. There are moments when we ask ourselves about life, the way it is or the way we imagine life is. There are moments when we let free our imagination and we allow ourselves to dream. Sometimes it’s hard to tell that the world we live in is either a reality or a dream. Dan is a dreamer. He lives through these moments, he is not realistic and like any other dreamer he is not perfect, but beautifully imperfect. In this order, he tries to turn the reality into another one, his own.
In his works we guess hidden symbols, born out of discreet and delicately expressed experiences, sometimes we feel a vague anxiety, other times it prevails the feeling of the unboundless, but looking carefully into this inner universe you realize that the author is searching for the meanings and hidden motivations that put our world into motion.
The approached subjects are collected from the daily life based on the principles anybody could be a saint, all saints, at the beginning, where ordinary people.
He tries and is able to find the light in each thing, being or situation that would otherwise go unnoticed. His photos attract and make you to look at them for a longtime until the moment you feel that things you’ve been certain about do notexist.
Sometimes you have the impression of an autobiographical narration on photographic support, you have the feeling that you step into a world known only by the author and now unveiled to you. The images are etched in the viewer’s memory and they sometimes reappear as a familiar experience, as something lived in times long forgotten.

“Life is eventually an eternal attempt to understand your purpose, to build up and mold, to grow and to define yourself ... I would like to discover daily reasons to love myself.” Dan St. Andrei

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