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"Rocky Mountain Fire"

Published July 27th, 2011

I’m not sure what it is with me and the wind lately, but it is making my photography outings less then pleasant. My girlfriend and I decided to make a quick trip up to Rocky Mountain National Park last weekend partly due to the predicted good weather. I normally watch for bad weather to go shoot in, but as I have been in near blizzard conditions every time I’ve been to the park I really just wanted to see it. We set the alarm for 2:40am (she lives in Denver) and drove to the Bear lake parking lot. Guess what……..the wind was blowing like crazy!!! Again. After the sand dune experience only a few days before I couldn’t believe it. Luckily we were prepared for the cold with almost every piece of outdoor gear we had ever bought and we deiced to head up. After about the fifth time we lost the trail because it had blown over with snow I was wandering if this was a good idea however. I think we got lost at least three times. We finally found the lake, but at that point we had to stop moving and wait. This was the worst part of the morning as……it……. was…… cold!! When I say cold I mean COLD!!!!!! The 1.5 hour hike to Dream lake wasn’t that bad as we were moving, but the waiting for the light for 45 minutes was not a fun experience. I would like to dedicate this shot to Sarah. Not only did she agree to wake up with me at 2;40 am, drive on bad roads, hike for an hour and half in the freezing cold wind, wait patiently for the light, and fall in the creek turning her boot into an ice block…..she did it all in good spirits. I am so glad she was with me. I may have just turned around and went back home after I arrived alone to that kind of ground blizzard situation. Luckily the sky lit up on the trail not far from the lake and made it all worth while:) Between the good company and the great color it was a great morning. Like the last post, this shot was made possible by the very wind that made the trip so difficult. I suppose nature is like that.

Not HDR. I used a 3 stop LEE Graduated Neutral Density filter and processed in Lightroom.



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mikes nature (inactive)  almost 6 years ago

Well she certainly sounds like a "keeper" And the shot - definitely worth the misery!

Patrick Thuillier  over 6 years ago

j'adore !!!!

Ez Sanson  over 6 years ago

great shot, lovely place