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"Tunnel of Time" ~ Great Photography

Published July 27th, 2011

Can you teach someone to make a stunning photograph? I have always thought the answer was yes. You teach them about simplifying the image. To shoot in good light and to understand all light. The guidelines of composition. How form and colors and textures can work with you or against you. How to let your subjects “in” and truly “feel” what your shooting. How the camera “sees” the world differently then the human eye. How to think like an artist, be more creative……and to shoot with passion.

I just returned from the Imaging USA photo expo in San Antonio yesterday, and I had the opportunity to do some shooting on the way down. As I was looking at the photos on my computer last night I was very much aware of the quality of the images compared with my horrible photos from a few years back. It was a battle, but what a difference!! I truly believe that anyone with dedication and an open mind can learn to be a better photographer. I have never heard of anyone who was great when they started out. But through hours of hard work and time behind the lens learning everything they could from every possible source they slowly became master of their art. I would like to start spending more time sharing knowledge and tips on flickr and my new blog that I have learned and continue to learn to help with that long process. This image inspired me to begin that journey. No, it is not my best image. Yet it is a strong image despite the fact that it was not taken in the most incredible place on earth. It is strong because of light, form, composition, texture, story, perspective, scale. I believe it encompasses the ideas I mentioned above and many more. It was taken with a LEE Big Stopper near Corpus Christi (South Texas).

I will be spending time in coming posts explaining in depth the ideas I mentioned above, as well as more concepts and techniques to take better photographs. I have a six month photo trip starting in March to SE Asia, however I will still be posting and active. (I was recently offered a major book deal, so if I choose to accept it, I may not have as much time, but I will still post as much as possible. {why would you even consider turning down a book deal from a major publisher? Deadlines, deadlines, deadlines. Not something you want to live by when your trying to create a powerful image in Tibet;})

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