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Daniela Duncan

Daniela Duncan



Thanks for your visit! Obrigada por sua visita! ¡Gracias por su visita! ♥ Photography is my passion. I love being outdoors, watching animals, traveling and meeting people - so I tend to gravitate towards photographing living things, the "road ahead" and interesting places. I like to think that most of my images have a sunny feel to them and my hope is that they elicit a positive emotion in the viewer. I try not to restrict myself and I appreciate all kinds of photography - from natural looking images to boldly processed ones. I enjoy photographing people as much as photographing animals, and treasure my captures of wild creatures as much as the ones of domesticated ones. Why limit yourself? :) I love what I do, and I hope you’ll enjoy my work. But folks, please note: my images are © All Rights Reserved and may not be used without permission. Most of my work is represented by Getty Images or 500px Prime. You can license many of my photos - or contact me directly with specific requests. Thank you!

Baby Barn Owl

Published March 21st, 2012

One day he will be beautiful! ...But right now he has a face only a mother could love :) When I was a little girl, my mother told me the story of Mother Owl, which I found out later was based on a fable by Jean de La Fountaine. I haven’t found good succinct versions in English, so this is me trying to come up with a similar version...

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Published June 25th, 2011

*Tip 12*

I hear complains that Photoshop’s Reduce Noise tool doesn’t work ~ My tip: try customizing it instead of using the auto mode. The settings that work best for me: Strength = 7; Preserve Details = 50%; Reduce Color Noise = 95%; Remove Artifact = Checked. It’s a subtle, but effective improvement. Some images are beyond salvaging, but this works if an image has just a little bit of grain. (Go to Filter > Noise > Reduce Noise to customize your settings).

*Tip 11*

To add tones and a soft vignette to a picture: In Photoshop:Go to Filter> Render > Lighting effect > Soft Omni -> then choose the color and customize the intensity and brightness to your liking. You can also use Flashlight instead of Soft Omni fora more vivid result.

*Tip 10*

Whenever you see something that grabs your attention (bridges, sculptures, flowers, etc), "stay with it" for a while and try capturing it in *several* different ways - check this link to see examples of same subject / different composit ...

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How to apply textures

Published June 2nd, 2011

I have fun playing with textures sometimes... and I know some of my friends like the drama a texture can add to an image and would like to try it but don't know how. So I figured I could share what I've learned with you:

In Photoshop:

- Open the picture you want to process;

- Open the chosen texture image; Select the texture by pressing Ctrl+A on the keyboard; then press Ctrl+C to copy it;

- Go back to your selected picture and press Ctrl+V to paste/place texture over the picture;

- Click on the Move tool (cross icon, to your left) to resize or adjust the texture file, if needed.

- Then go play with blending modes and adjust the opacity* until you see a result you like. My favorites: Multiply, Overlay, Darken and Soft Light … but try them all, don’t limit yourself! You can always undo moves and keep experimenting. Sometimes an image comes alive with a bold use of texture, other times the image looks better when the texture is very subtle.

- Once you’re done, go to Layer (at the top ...

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