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Baby Barn Owl

Published March 21st, 2012

One day he will be beautiful! ...But right now he has a face only a mother could love :) When I was a little girl, my mother told me the story of Mother Owl, which I found out later was based on a fable by Jean de La Fountaine. I haven’t found good succinct versions in English, so this is me trying to come up with a similar version...

Mother Owl's Story

Once upon a time a Powerful Eagle migrated to the Green Woods. Mother Owl, fearing for her newborns’ life, decided to go make a deal with the Powerful Eagle. “Welcome, Powerful Eagle!” she said. “I have a proposal for you: If you don’t eat my babies, from now on I’ll only eat snakes and scorpions and will save all the delicious doves and mice in this forest for you.”

“Very well”, the Powerful Eagle replied. “And how shall I recognize your babies?”

Mother Owl responded: “Oh, my babies are the most adorable and gorgeous fledglings in this world! When you look at them, you can’t help but marvel at their loveliness and beauty”, she said, full of pride.

Weeks later, the Powerful Eagle went hunting and came across the most hideous, gawky baby birds he had ever seen – so he ate them, thinking those couldn’t possibly be the offspring of that magnificent owl.

When Mother Owl came back and realized her babies were killed she went after the Powerful Eagle, angry and devastated: “They’re all dead, my beautiful babies are dead! You killed them! How could you break our deal?”

“Oh, I’m so sorry!” said the Powerful Eagle. “I should have known every mother thinks their kids are good looking”.

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