Duaflex IV and TTV

Published February 1st, 2012

Today I got to try out my "new" Kodak Duaflex IV TLR camera. The camera was my Grandfathers and after he passed away it was handed to me by my mother. I feel deeply honored in receiving this most precious gift. The camera is in near perfect condition. I bought some 120 film and re-spooled it onto some old 620 spools, loaded the camera, and went shooting. The biggest problem I face is that the shutterspeed is not listed on the camera or the manual. After Googling around, I learned that it may be somewhere in the neighborhood of 1/30-1/40. To meter for the shots I used a combination of a light meter and my 7D (used it more like a polaroid test camera). Once I was pleased with how the image looked I shot it with the Duaflex. I turned in the film to a local photo lab and should be back by Monday. Here's hoping.

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