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Daniel Dahlmann

Daniel Dahlmann



Daniel Dahlmann Born in Sweden 1978, now residing in Australia. One might say that I started taking photos rather late in life, 2008 found me flying blind with a digital camera for a while before I decided to test my luck with the analogue variety. I started with a Pentax Spotmatic , then a Pentax 67 before my good friend Richard Rudhager convinced me to buy a Hasselblad and taught me how to develop my own film. After a considerable amount of t-max 400 being developed in my bathroom I eventually returned to digital but it took me almost to the end of 2010 before things started to fall into place and I would say that it was first then that I started taking better photos. I am constantly striving to develop my artistic side and even though I still have a lot to learn I feel that I am starting to find my own style, which at the present stage is simple, black & white and preferably 6x6 . I’ve always been a restless soul who’s thoughts have constantly flown off into the future, never really spending time in the here and now... photography has given me an inner peace and the ability to look at life and the world around me in a completely different way. publish

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