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Daniel Valencia

I think it’s nice to look at other photos online or in person, but to a certain extent. The more you look at other photos the less time you shoot your own photos and if you are greatly influenced by someone’s work then you try to imitate that work unknowingly or knowingly. This stunts your growth in your own photography and you become very unsatisfied with your work unless it comes out exactly the way you have been influenced. I try not to be influenced by other photographs or photographers, but it is very hard with all the media nowadays and I try to do my best in not imitating other photos.

I don’t just focus on one specific subject to photograph. I capture anything that catches my eye. I’m never without my camera, every day is an opportunity to shoot a new photograph. Constantly looking for something different. I began shooting photos in 2003. Being so young, I was mesmerized by being able to seize the moment that you see and have it there forever. Treasuring memories was the start for me, then it evolved into giving feelings and emotions to the spectator, which they might have never felt before or have trouble getting to that state of mind. I want the viewer to let their mind go off and create their own story of what is happening in a photo. The ability to produce a photo and give other people that heart warming feeling as if they were at that spot at that exact moment when I shot the photo fuels my drive in photography. It is that feeling of success in pleasing someone else other than yourself. I am misunderstood most of the time and I like it.

Thank you and I hope you enjoy my work.

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