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Danilo Faria

Danilo Faria



Welcome to my portfolio! I love photography and nature...! I was born and grew up in Minas Gerais – Brazil, which is where my love for photography began. As a child, my dad and I would take pictures on vacation with his simple “point and shoot” Kodak camera. Back then that is all we had-equipment and film was too expensive, but we made the best of it and so my passion began. My love for photography took off dramatically when was I given a digital SLR camera, which has allowed me to bring me to print all the colors and beautiful scenes that I was seeing. I love to use filters, and long exposure photography so I can capture one element that conventional photography does not: time. I currently work as a Systems/Requirements Engineer at a biomedical company that designs and manufactures cancer diagnostics instrumentation. I live in the beautiful state of Arizona. Thank you so much for your feedback and time, I appreciate it very much!
  • Canon T1i
  • Canon 7D
  • Canon 6D
  • Sigma 10-20mm
  • Canon 18-200mm
  • Canon 16-35mm
  • Photoshop CC, NIK, OnOne Suite, NiSi Filters, HP PC with 27" Monitor, Color Munki.
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