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Orlando born and raised photographer. I started photography when I was 15 and I saw a magazine featuring a photographer and their camera. I turned to my mom and said I wanted a camera. A real camera. So we went down to Best Buy, of all places, and picked up a Canon Rebel xi. It was a film camera with a kit lens. It wasn't the greatest, but what did I know? In high school I got into photojournalism and headed up the school news paper. From there I moved to a real news paper as I studied journalism in college. Oddly enough, I didn't stay in journalism. I still regret that choice, in a small way, but given the almost utter collapse of the journalism field since then it probably was for the best. During the time however I ended up working for a couple portrait studios. They weren't the most exciting, nor did they teach me much. If anything, I became slightly disenchanted. It was so commercialized and didn't portray anything about the people we photographed. It was, frankly, heartless. I wanted to make a difference and portrait sessions wasn't going to achieve that. I ended up back in school, this time around for Political Science with an emphasis in environmental law and urban and regional planning. Yes, completely related to photography and film, I know. I had always been fascinated with the urban, built environment. I had dabbled in architecture and drafting when I was in high school but it never caught my eye quite like "place" did. There's something magical about the way humans interact with each other and their environment. Sometimes it's a scary magic, that's terrible and tragic. My 6 years of political and history study didn't help with this outlook. Knowing the tragedies that play in our every day life can blind a person to the mundane beauty that's simply there. I claim to be no master. I can only claim to see what I photograph. Nothing more. Nothing less.
  • Canon 5D3
  • Panasonic GX1
  • Canon 30D
  • Canon 7D
  • Canon 17-55 2.8 IS
  • Sigma 180 3.5 Macro
  • Zeiss 85,1.4
  • Zeiss 50,1.4
  • Zeiss 35,2.0
  • Zeiss 28,2.0
  • Zeiss 21,2.8
  • Zeiss 18,3.5
  • Canon 24-105 4.0 IS
  • Canon 70-200 2.8 IS
  • Canon 16-35 2.8
  • Panasonic 20 1.7

Colorado oh Colorado

Published June 8th, 2012

I love to travel. I don't get to do it often, but I absolutely love going to places I've never been before. I know my city. I know my place. I could walk these streets with my eyes closed and still tell you where every little brick, bump and scrap in the urban fabric is.

So one day I got the bug to go to Colorado. I mountain bike and owned a Jeep. So what better place to be? I had read that Boulder was rated America's most bike friendly city so I had to find out for myself. So we packed the Jeep and set off. From Florida. A whopping 29 hours of non-stop driving through open fields of grain to torrential downpours surly sent to destroy my journey.

We camped at a place called Estes Park, just north of Boulder. It was mid-July and while checking the weather report something interesting happened. In Florida, we are used to the shades of green to red indicating rain fall. We weren't used to blue and purple. Those of you familiar with those colors are probably laughing at us. At that point ...

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