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DANS Photography

DANS Photography



The decision to buy a SLR camera was a big deal for me, mainly because of the costs and the fact I didn't know if I will use it often enough. In the end I just bought one and I can say it was one of the best investments I ever made. Now I love taking pictures, trying out new techniques and to fetch the maximum out of the camera. I'm interested in all different types of photography, cuz every field has it's own incentives. After taking the first pictures I've decided to publish them somewhere in the www. A friend showed me the page and I was impressed immediately. There are so many stunning photographers whose work amaze me again and again. When I got the first feedbacks by other photographers to my work it really motivated me to develop my work also. Photography hasn't changed my life, but now I've generated a completely different way to discover the world. I'm glad that I made this decision and and found a new passion in life. Thanks to everyone for all your great comments and votes - I really appreciate it :) Daniel Schmid
Michael Rieperdinger
Photos 18
Likes 779
Comments 9
Umut Pamuk
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Maseedis Kay
Photos 179
Likes 863
Comments 199
Florian Kandolf
Photos 71
Likes 297
Comments 192
Gökhan Gökçe
Photos 91
Likes 1394
Comments 26
Photos 41
Likes 852
Comments 204
Victor Chevalier
Photos 55
Likes 2792
Comments 484
Jozef Vaclavik
Photos 65
Likes 6027
Comments 1281
Marte Gerhardsen
Photos 12
Likes 65
Comments 49
Viktor Korostynski
Photos 606
Likes 167691
Comments 87719