Flying Gallery behind story

Published December 10th, 2012

After a few days of taking photographs in one place, there is a big risk of making all the pictures look very similar. Therefore, we decided to do a little experiment. Using a clamp by Fomei we attached our Nikon D3 camera with fisheye lens on the bike’s handlebars. Then we secured the entire assembly with a duct tape. Another problem was getting the right exposure at the right moment. I solved this by using a wireless shutter release. Both the exposure and focus were set by hand in advance. I also secured the focus ring with a tape to be sure. I wished myself good luck and hoping the camera wouldn’t break I got rolling. I got the desired picture after a few attempts.

After that, I wanted to make the picture a little more special. Therefore I printed the picture out pasted it on cardboard and attached it to Libor’s helmet. It is up to you to judge if the photo is good, but we definitely had a lot fun with it. And that is the whole point of it.

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