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0 - First impressions from a Flickr member.

Published January 5th, 2012

I'm a longtime Flickr member and a friend recently recommended as a place for positing. I've on a short time but am enjoying the service. It lacks a few features I really like over on Flickr such as mail, groups, galleries, on image notes and the ability to replace an image without loosing previous comments.

However with that said, I have to say that 500px has a few features of it's own that are missing on Flickr. I especially like the top down comments so the most recent comments are at the top and not lost pages down. Flickr members have a tendency to try and grab that first post because they know once it's there then everyone who follows will see it.

I also think 500px has a much better way of getting great photos to the top of the list. Let's face it, I don't think even the programers at Flickr fully understand why some photos on Flickr Explore make it to the top. I've seem some really horrible stuff on Explore. 500px on the other hand seems to genuinely have great photos ranked highly. Only bummer about it is that even the good photos seem to drop off quite quickly.

And most of all, I love the huge thumbnails here on I have a huge screen which can make Flickr thumbnails almost impossible to see. 500px has very large thumbs and you can specify the area of the image you want. Very cool feature. Flickr should take notes on that one.


Each service has its own cool features. For isn't sufficient to make me drop off Flickr but it has shown enough potential to keep my attention and keep me posting. So look forward to seeing more of my work here on Hopefully we will see new features being added.

Future posts will focus more on the type of photography and image processing so if you like to hear more about my photography you might want to subscribe to my blog.

Drop me a note or comment on a specific image if you have any questions. I do try to answer all questions.

Cheers and Happy New Year 2012.

Darvin Atkeson

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