dave brownlee

dave brownlee



photographer from liverpool.
  • nikon D90
  • nikon D7000
  • Iphone
  • Ricoh GR V
  • nikon 24/70mm 2.8
  • sigma 10/20mm
  • sigma 30mm F1.4
  • lightroom 5, natural light,

aintree motorcycle racing club

Published June 18th, 2012

Every year Aintree motorcycle racing club have four race days throughout the summer months.

There is a wide & varied selection of bikes and sidecars taking part, from new superbikes to classics.

There are 27 races per meeting and for £10 on the gate you will get your moneys worth.

Although getting close to the action is nigh on impossible due to the lay out of this old circuit it still doesn't spoil the friendly atmosphere and a good time can be had walking through the paddock area looking at the bikes pre race.

Next dates this year are: 14th July. 11th August and 15th September

There's more than just horses at Aintree, go find out for yourself.

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giant spectacular

Published April 23rd, 2012

liverpool came out in full force this weekend to see the giant spectacular sea odyssey. a 3 day event that captured the hearts of everyone who saw it.

with so many people on the streets and it seems every photographer there too i figured i couldn't do it justice so i gave up and just enjoyed the show instead.

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ladies day 2012

Published April 15th, 2012

Every year Liverpool hosts the Grand National.

It's considered to be the best horse race in the world.

personally watching horses die for entertainment is not my idea of fun.

The day before though is Ladies Day. Where Liverpool gets dressed up, gets drunk and falls over.

This is my view on the glamour of the day.

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Published March 15th, 2012

Whilst on holiday in Shropshire near the welsh border I went up Burway hill in a place called Long Mynd.

I was expecting to see a panoramic vista of the surrounding countryside. What I did find instead was a thick mist that shrouded everything before it.

Just near the summit of the hill I encountered these wild horses blocking the road. I quietly got out of the car and took some photos before they ran off. I only got a few because another car came up behind and made the horses bolt.

I was quite pleased to have got some shots whilst I could, I just wish I could have spent a little longer with them.

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