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Sundiata’s Children: Mandinka People of Sub-Saharan Africa

Published February 11th, 2013

[Exhibit info] Sundiata’s Children portrays the people and cultural traditions of the Mandinka peoples of sub-Saharan Africa, through the art and photography of Dave Kobrenski. Both a visual and cultural excursion, Sundiata’s Children takes the viewer deep into the heart of the modern-day empire of the legendary old king to meet the people living there today.

Kanja et Saran: Conakry, Guinea

Dununba 2, Sangbarala, Guinea

Tambin (flute): Koumana, Guinea

Dununba 1, Sangbarala, Guinea

Dununba 3, Sangbarala, Guinea

Sofa fête: Sanankoro, Guinea

Dununba fête: Koumana, Guinea

Mamady “Wadaba” Kourouma

Dununba 4, Sangbarala, Guinea

Djembefola (Sekou)

Les Jeunes Filles de Sangbarala

Soba au Fête du Mariage, Conakry, Guinea

Sayon et Iya, Sanankoro, Guinea

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