One Minute On Earth

Published March 23rd, 2013

This series of photographs is shot for a global project these are the test shots from the test shoot we ran today (Saturday). The actual project is taking place on April 6th 2013.

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Work, Rest and Play

Published October 22nd, 2012

This is the working title for my assignment; I have been photographing people in the cities of Chester, Liverpool and Manchester. Whether these people were homeless or working or at play; some of the people I have shot have welcomed me as in the case of the street artist who had asked me to pose for him, I gladly and willingly did. Achiem Olajudal (I think that is his name) was an artist using charcoals as his tools; his subject was too like mine, people.

People are the focus of many a photographers assignments; I wanted to portray how we are today, how far have come since those days of the first images being taken by Talbot Fox. The answer of course in photography terms is very far, the principles are still the same however the subjects have changed very little. We still have people wandering the streets begging for money, we still have people performing as in at play, whether they’re mimes or musicians or even the latest sand sculptors and their sculptures.

We still have people wor ...

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Parisella's Cave

Published August 1st, 2012

This cave can be found on the Great Orme in Llandudno, Wales. For years this little gem has served purpose for those at the hard end of the game, who like to push the more difficult moves can be found here. People like Ben Moon, Jerry Moffatt, Johnny Dawes, however the new breed of climber pushes an average grade of V12, although a biggie in here is Silk cut which weighs in at V14 Gareth Parry, Pete Robbins, Mark Katz to name a few have climbed to these grades.

These guys are at the top of their game, and their game is extreme climbing, especially hard routes or boulder problems particulary in Wales.

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Published July 9th, 2012

This composed shot is one of my earliest memories, the thing with memories is this, you remember them when you were really happy, sad, tearful, shocked or in my case very afraid, I think I was only five or six, when the cabinet in the very larder, was looking very inviting the parents went out, (in those days children could be left in the street to play naked without a care in the world.) I investigated the larder and the contents of the cabinet within, it was full of food and growing boys are always hungry!

Well curiosity got the better of me, I sort of clambered up and braced myself between the two walls and lowered the cabinet door and climbed on top, although I was small it could not hold my weight. The cabinet leaned towards me, the cupboard doors opening wide as though a flood of water had been braced behind them, and it could not hold back and gave way to the umpteen jars of marmalade, jam, honey, butter and any other ingredient you can think of...I fell on my feet.

My arms we ...

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Conwy Castell and this is the Castle\'s natural moat formed from the estuary, Afon Conwy.

Fishing Port

Published June 19th, 2012

A late afternoon early evening photo shoot, finding myself taking a few shots around Conwy Castell. The estuary and the sailing yachts.

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Haworth 1940s Weekender

Published May 20th, 2012

The idyllic setting for a themed weekend, very alluring, the opportunities for photography were boundless. I was actually very impressed by the whole event.

It featured a Spitfire, and WLA (Womens Land Army) parade, an authentic village seeling goods that were in produce at the time from both sides of the war.

The people who came of course were mainly dressing up for the event, some of them though were actual veterans of WWII. It was quite surreal, I closed my eyes many times, trying to soak up the atmosphere as the would be Winston Churchill made his speech in front of the "The Black Bull Inn", which had become a makeshift HQ in the village for the event.

They're were singers, brass band, and a whole lot of volunteers dressed up for this 1940s weekender, if you have never attended one before, then I can guarantee your first time, will not be your last.

Many of the those who came had specific roles such as Winston Churchill, Field Marshal Montgomery, General Patten, Brigadier D ...

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Published May 16th, 2012

May 15 2012 and a group of organisers are already anticipating what the next 48 hours will bring them, it was announced on G+ hangout May 10 2012, that some millions of people around the globe, were embarking on photographing their daily lives in a day.

For myself I was excited at this after watching a film in 2011 entitled 'Life in a Day", produced by English born producer, Ridley Scott. His dream was to get everyone around the globe no matter what you did in your life to film it, then send your film to him, whereby he produced an hour long film, from everyones snippets, not much you say.

However the project was a huge success that they wanted to do it again, which they did late last year. This time round the opportunity has been altered instead of producing snippets of film, how about digital images, so i joined the site and had taken a series of photographs, I decided to go to Liverpool again, and my focus turned to a music festival in Mathew Street known as Internation ...

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Church Street

Published May 1st, 2012

A series of shots depicting life through a lense on a busy saturday on Church street, Liverpool. The shots taken range from a peaceful protest to street performers, singers and musicians. For myself I have discovered that people in Liverpool do enjoy and do not mind being photographed at all.

This gives me a sense of warmth as this is the city of my birth also, and for me to capture Liverpool and it's people makes me feel content that I'm now photographing and in a sense documenting my life and those of others in this way.

A lot goes in this street every weekend you will see the regular groups, musicians, protesters, mime artists, doing their thing, their art, they way they express themselves intrigues me. I've lived in Manchester far too long, you do see these artists also expressing themselves in Manchester, but the warmth you receive in Liverpool is very welcoming.

The people who work this street, obviously see a lot going on too. The passerby merely window shopping or their a ...

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Published April 11th, 2012

Am a creative individual, who, when at the tender age of five, along with my brother entered into a competition to design a slogan for a well known brand of clothing.

That brand was Wrangler jeans, and my slogan was based around another brand image or rather incorporating a Polar bear into a drawing wearing said pair of jeans with the slogan saying "Even bears look cool in Wrangler jeans!"

I got runner up so I was very pleased to receive my entry in the form of a poster, from one of their top artists who replicated my instructions.

Since then I've always had a uncanny knack of loving images, art, paintings and show an admiration for my fellow peers who like myself are interested in taking photos or drawing, painting etc.

When i'm out I normally point and shoot, but somehow I now like to get involved with the process and I have to say that my fellow 500px' contributions inspire me.

One thing for sure, is that one particular film and camera manufacturer has inspired us all is K ...

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