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David Blackwell

David Blackwell



David Blackwell describes himself as waterproof, medium maintenance, scratch resistant, teflon coated, polyester free, and easily amused.

My new portfolio website is ready for your view...

Published November 16th, 2012

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Hitting Editor's Pick really works!

Published April 6th, 2012

One of my pictures got selected for Editor's Picks. Within hours it had more than 1k visitors, currently running at well over 3k visitors. Unbelievable traffic this Section of 500px generates.

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Gorillas work!

Published March 31st, 2012

I knew it. Cute animals always work on photography sites. I was very surprised to wake up this morning and find my latest picture "Real Man's Adventure" had received more than 800 views. On closer inspection I found this to be due to the fact that the picture had made it into the Editor's Choice section. That sure boosted its view count. So you see it is true: animal shots work on photo sites. :-))

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Don't look at my pictures!

Published November 1st, 2011

I figured out why the score on individual pictures goes down continually. 500px reduces the score with every visitor who views the picture without rating it. So if you plan to just look at my work - don't. Please vote on my work and help me break through the 500px visibility barrier.

Of course I am only kidding. Please enjoy my pictures any way you feel suits you. :-)

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About time

Published November 1st, 2011

Since it is not possible to change the EXIF data on 500px itself, or change the date of posting, I figured it is worth discovering at what time posting your pictures yields the highest rate of viewers.

First of all, I believe weekdays are not as productive as weekends. Friday seems to be a particularly good day. Saturday is nearly equal, but Sunday is falling off already. I live in CET land, meaning the Central European Time Zone. If I post my shots during daytime it is not as productive as posting them in the evening. Best after 21:00 hours.

Friday or Saturday at about 21:00 seems the best time to post pictures if you want to stand some chance for visitors to see them in the "fresh" section as they get posted, and with a bit of luck, attract enough positive voters to make it into the upcoming section. From there with luck the popular section, and if the gods will it the editor's picks.

That is a tremendously long route to get your work noticed. And so far I've not cracked it with ...

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