David Cifuentes

I am David Cifuentes.

Basically i am a worlds collector, picking up with my lens and eyes all the beauty that surrounds us. I also like to make something out of nothing, that is, extract aesthetical appeal from things that apparently lack of them. Because everythig has its own particular way of beauty…the challenge is to make it obvious in the expectator’s eyes, your eyes and the ones of your friends, loved ones, clientes, readers, etc. My greatest satisfaction is your total satisfaction, your saying Oh! and keeping those images as timeless treasures.

My gear? Well, my brains, my eyes, then a Nikon DSLR professional camera, along with an assortment of lenses and equipment that lets me capture time the way it can make you say OH! when you see them.

I combine my Photography studies with Web Design. Yes, i’m also a web designer. Both crafts mix well together, for it’s no only important how you capture images, but also how you present those images.

There are things in life, those little details, that make it pleasing, like reading a good book, having a glass of wine with a good friend, hiking in the woods with your beloved ones, hearing a nice piece of music, live. That’s why one of my favourite sayings is “The best things in life are not things”.

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