How unpredictible...

Published February 23rd, 2012

I wanted to tell you few words about how photography unpredictable and spontaneous is...

One day in May I realized that actual weather announces great morning with some fog, dew and hopefully nice lighting. I thought it may be a nice chance to capture some wild animals like deer or boar. I also knew one place where someone kept horses on meadow, so I thought it may be a plan be for me. I went to bed with smile on my face, thinking how great the animals will look in early sun...

I woke up at 4 A.M. Took my car and drove for 5 km. Then I had to walk for like 1-2 km to find a good spot. I looked at place where the horses supposed to be and... NO HORSES... So I started to get pissed by the circumstances. I was looking at my camera and thinking "If you don't capture any good photo this morning, I'll transfer to Nikon!":D Two seconds later I found that spiderweb with tiny dew drops on it. It was getting lighter and I started trying different angles and settings and after 5 min I took the picture below. I really love it...

So moral from this story is that you never know for sure what happens and what will be the end of your plans.

I have taken the second picture when I was my way home... I didn't see even a tiny mice that day.

Any comments?

Spider Web at Dawn

Photo has been taken in north Poland, at around 5 A.M. when I wanted to “hunt” some wild animals. Light was incredible there, bit of fog too. I think it was worth the efford.

Nothing was changed except incresed contrast.

I hope you enjoy it.

David Cylke.

Morning Dew

5 A.M. Spring time. Dew and nice diffusing clouds = smile on my face!

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Fabio S  about 5 years ago

intersting story, and very nice photos :)