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All rights reserved Not to be used or reproduced without written permission Welcome to dpcom images the photographic annex of the graphic studio dpcom.fr Located in Paris (France), dpcom images was founded in March 2011 by David Pairé and Myrtille Vardelle, two professional french graphic designers. They have been working for several years in the publishing field and due to an increasing amount of requests they decided to found an annex of the studio, completly specialized on Cover Arts : dpcom images. Our directives: a creative style suitable for covers… of any kind (book covers, CD/DVD-covers, romance, detective books, thriller, sci-fi, art…) with an appropriate size (square or portrait mode) and layout (space carefully thought-out for title, author and book indications). And if you need a very special image, don't hesitate to contact us : our team also offers to create photo on request. All our works are sold as Rights Managed images only. If you need any support (informations, estimate, prices, services…), please contact us via david@dpcom.fr Clients Pockets Éditions, France Loisirs, Éditions l'Archipel, Fleuve noir, Éditions du Toucan, Payot / Rivages, Les Dictionnaires Le Robert, Éditions Harlequin, Calmann-Levy, Michelin, Jean-Claude Gawsewitch Balland, Ixelles Éditions, Gutenberg, Le Livre de Poche, City-Éditions, Fizzi Éditions, Marques-Pages, TF1 Publishing, Dunod…
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