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David Nguyen



My favorite style of Photography is Landscape. I love traveling, and taking picture of nature. I have the big Dream that I could go to 51 National Parks in the US one day to take 51 great photos of them. It is totally the big destination of my life..:)

Watching the Movie on the big screen...:)

Published November 3rd, 2011

I was kinda disappointed when I was heading down to the Beach from work. I expected some great winter cloud yesterday, but it had nothing on the sky. The most interesting thing I could see that was the bird herds flying across the Sun. Moreover, the beach was kinda silent yesterday. The waves were calm, and there weren't many people in the beach as well. When I reached to the water, I realized that there were many couples who sitting closely to watch the Sunset. My vision suddenly changed. Instead of trying to capture the Sun, I bring this couple in the scene. After I took it, I did bring it to them and said "Sorry for taking picture of you without saying anything. U wanna get it by email?" They were really surprised and excited to get it today...^^! . Lucky me, I got their permission to use this Image for my Portfolio. :))

One more time, I almost got the ticket from the Parking Ranger. When I reached to the Beach, the Sun almost set down. I was so rush to run to the Beach, unpacked G ...

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