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All happened in 2010, in October to be exact, right on the day when Mr. Good Light Patterson himself was stuck on a plane towards South Africa. Not the worst place you might say and on any normal day, I would wholeheartedly agree but not on October 1st, 2010. Mark your calendars, folks. This was the day Jim was defeated and in all honesty, we think he cried shamelessly.


Jim is a light making machine, a terminator of luminance, a photon emitting creature. A wonder to some, and giant pain to others. Give him one day, only one day and he sucks the whole light from a place and ruins it for the rest of us. Patterson is the guy who killed Tahoe forever, for everyone.

I only drove by Tahoe twice and saw nothing but a choppy surf and clear blue skies. Others may have attempted to break the curse by visiting this place over 50 times with no luck. Patterson killed Tahoe. RIP wonderful blue lake, surrounded by glorious forests. Always remembered, never forgotten.

Bridge Into The Sun

Anyhow, that day, October 1st, a small group of young and eager warriors/photographers, made a first critical step towards a new world order, after Patterson changed the world forever. These fearless adventurers, let's call them Jave, Josh and myself; secretly established a pact against the dark and evil side of photography, making a plan to assault Patterson's attempts to rule the California coast by rushing right into his living room in Santa Cruz with a blitzkrieg-like move.

After some 256-bit encrypted phone calls were made, two tanks rolled down from San Jose to the coast to support the one man troop Josh at the operation "Enduring Light". With the precision of a swiss army knife, the group met at the beach to start the war for light. All soldiers brought their best gear and a plethora of gadgets to fight the evil army of photography mercenary soldiers, hired by Patterson.

Iridescent Seas

To show how cruel and back-stabbing Patterson is, I am going to tell you whom he sent. Three (!!!) little girls in their flashy bathing suits, supported by a wise old man in shiny neon shorts. (After all, we should be lucky he wore shorts...)

"Guys, this won't be easy. Patterson sent the best he could find."

With the power of cranked up Singh Ray shields and rings of polarized high-tech light rockets fresh from Silicon Valley, the young, death-defying soldiers strategically moved along the beach to the rock bridge of the Santa Cruz Battleground State Park. In a split second of inobservance, the fearless leader of the group, Josh, was wounded after losing power of his filter holding equipment, and the endeavor for free photography and light for all was put on hold. Fortunately, he recovered quickly and the three light soldiers were able to beat Patterson's army for now.

During the fallback, in a last attempt to grasp the safe straw; Patterson and his evil villains sent a final curse over the brave group, having them attacked by millions of photophagous (light-eating) aliens (rain drops) dropping from the sky. Even though Jave, Josh and David lost most of their protection, the fearless soldiers were able to fight back the wet sucking creatures and returned from another successful mission to protect humanity and make this world a safer --- and most of all, brighter --- place.

The victory then was joyously celebrated at a local Burgers joint.

(Disclaimer: No kids or other persons, nor marine creatures were hurt during any stage of the operation. The events, persons and locations are real, the story might be a little stretched for the sole purpose of reading pleasure and Jim is a pretty cool guy, actually.)

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Unknown Drummer  about 5 years ago

hey man, good work, good words - like this.

Miles Morgan  about 6 years ago

God I love it when Patterson goes down. :)

David Richter  about 6 years ago

We all do! :D