Mot (Black Star inc.)

Published January 11th, 2014

Mot - hip-hop artist Black Star inc.


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Katya Kolesnikova

Published August 4th, 2013


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Published July 14th, 2013

Fashion Photoshoot with Maria

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Kristina Si

Published July 6th, 2013

Singer , Black Star inc,

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Pier Kampor

Published July 3rd, 2013

Photo With Pier Kompor (dsgn)

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Mista Parviz

Published July 1st, 2013

Mista Parviz - Managment

(RNB / Soul artist Music Hayk )

Russia, Moscow

In central office Adidas Group, Reebok, Rockport

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Music Hayk

Published July 1st, 2013

Photos with RNB/Soul artist Music Hayk


In central office Adidas Group, Rockport, Reebok

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Moscow Life

Published June 25th, 2013

David Sarkisyan presents

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