The Jury is stil out!

Published February 23rd, 2012

Not sure I'm loving the new 'improved' 500px. It's better than it was last night, but I still have some issues. For instance, where's 'Activity?' or its equivalent? In the past that's where I went first, to see if anyone had written on my wall (no wall now) and to see if any of my shots had been commented upon or faved/liked. Then I could repay the compliment. Now while I can see that my score has gone up, I can't see a way to find out why, unless I click on each shot to see if there are new comments. Not something I have time for. And I want my wall back!

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Dee McIntosh  over 3 years ago
This is still not showing when I leave the page and then come back via the 'stories' tab. Another issue?