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Jorge de la Torriente

Jorge de la Torriente



Jorge de la Torriente An architect and a self-taught photographer , my work continues to be a reflection of the tropical themes I have been surrounded by all my life. Born and raised in Miami, Florida, I gravitate towards water and nature themes. However, my love of travel continues to provide me the opportunities to experiment with scenery, mood, and methods. I took up photography as a way to further explore my interest in art and design. While studying architecture at Cornell University, I developed an understanding and appreciation for work that makes you explore the idea of what you are seeing and experiencing. I try to bring this same element to my photography, always exploring new methods and improving existing ones. Method = Investigation = Interpretation = Image My photography focuses on long exposure, infrared, and panoramic methods. Each of these methods enhances the intepretation and experience of a picture that would otherwise not be there. Panoramas exaggerate perspective and field of view, oftentimes more than 180 degrees, placing the viewer closer to the experience of the photograph. Extremely long exposures creates an image over several minutes compressing time into one moment that otherwise could not be seen or experienced. Infrared captures light waves that are beyond human perception, allowing you to see the unseen. Ultimately, I believe that a good photograph is not about what you shoot, but about how you shoot. It isn’t about what you see, but how you see it.

New Camera Body

Published August 18th, 2011

After years of shooting with my Canon 40D I finally made the jump to the 5D Mk II full frame body! Very excited about this...hopefully many new exciting new picts to come!

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