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Finding your own style - or: is it really that ...

Published October 20th, 2011

First of all, two pieces of information that could be of interest for you: One - this is my first post. two - I haven't found the thing we like to call "style" yet.

Or have I?

What is it?

When do we know that we found it?

Can we try to achieve it? And how?

And most importantly: Is it worth trying to be pursued as a major goal for every ambitioned photographer?

Trying to give - no answers - but at least basic approach to solving these questions is what I am goint to attempt with this post.

I am sure we all (referring to "serious" photographers if you woud like to call it that way) have at one point or another thought about what makes our pictures special. And then - looking at pictures of famous photographers or even outstanding members of 500px - we came to the conclusion: damn it! Even though we know how to apply basic rules of composition, know about the technical side of photography and how to "perfectly" handle our equipment we do not get statisfied with our pictures when co ...

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