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Derek Heisler is an emerging world class photographer, conceptual designer and marketing strategist with a refined vision to break ground on the cross-continental grid of fashion media, professional sports and commercial advertising. As an internationally published and award winning talent, Derek has devoted his skill to clients such as; National Geographic, Sports Illustrated, TED, National Hockey League, and SETI. Derek has achieved five Editor Choice awards, Canadian Association of Professional Image Creators (CAPIC) Prairie Showcase Presenters, and achieved first place in the 2011: Commercial Category - American Photo Magazine Images of the Year. Additionally, Google’s NIK Radio showcased Heisler as a featured guest on the show. Early in his career, Derek established himself as a self-taught photographer who took on visual projects as a hobby. With an entrepreneurial spirit and a technical engineering background, Heisler achieved the skill and fire power ambition to become a leader in the professional market, thus launching him forward into the global industry. Conceptual development is a strong level of detail Derek provides his clients. His portfolio boasts success in directing the client to develop a sturdy vision to drive reaction and relevancy with their brand’s demographic. In addition to his creative pursuits, Heisler has done an array of charity work to support non-profit initiatives. Derek supports with emphasis, organizations that focus efforts to inspire science and knowledge, and sports, specifically the Special Olympics. Derek feels it is important to support culture and communicative change agents by creating imagery that is not only visually appealing but dynamically impactful. Written by Jaimee Turner
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