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Derrick See

Derrick See



I became interested in photography when I was assigned to enrol in a 5 weeks intensive basic photography course given by Air Photo Unit during my National Service in the army. I was awarded the best trainee during the course. My vocation as an Intelligence army personnel requires me know more about photography. My first camera, Nikon FE2. This is followed by Nikon F3HP. I briefly stopped photography with the introduction of DSLR ( Nikon D1, D2X ) as I could not afford any of them. I revisited photography hobby again with the purchase of Nikon D7000. It's a joy to take great photos. My most enjoyable and frightening moment in photography was when I sit inside an RSAF Bell helicopter with door open, armed with a large format film camera and start shooting aerial photographs. When the helicopter does a roll, you are practically looking downward with only your seat belt as your last security. If you have seen footage of American Vietnam War, you probably have seen those war photographers seating at the edge of the Bell helicopter.
  • Nikon D7000
  • Nikon V1
  • Nikon D750
  • Nikon D4
  • Samsung NX300
  • Nikon D50
  • Nikkor Micro 55mm
  • Sigma 16mm Fisheye ( manual )
  • Contax Zeiss 28mm
  • Contax Zeiss 90mm
  • MIR-1
  • AFS 70-200mm F2.8 VRII
  • AFS 105mm Micro FX F2.8
  • AF-S 14-24mm FX F2.8
  • AFS 24-70mm FX F2.8
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