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Mestre Ambrósio

Published August 22nd, 2012

Before the emergence of "mangue" there had been few resources or opportunities for bands or for Pernambuco's traditional music in general. By the musicians' reaching out to the world's pop music while at the same time rediscovering the region's own folk roots, the entire city witnessed an increase in self-esteem and an opening up of new perspectives. The movement showed that it was possible, even in Recife, far from the biggest cultural industries of the country, for bands to record CD's, to produce video clips, and to arrange tours outside the country. Hence the symbol of the movement—a parabolic antenna stuck firmly in the mud of Recife while picking up signals from around the globe.

One of the most impressive ensembles to emerge from this environment, and certainly the one currently riding the crest of this latest Brazilian surge, is Mestre Ambrósio, a band that figures prominently both in the mangue movement and in the forró scenario. Mestre Ambrósio came out of Recife in October ...

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