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100 signs of Affection

Published September 9th, 2011

I joined 500px a little bit over a week ago and liked the site instantly. The quality of the posts and the friendliness of the participants was a real joy. After the initial loading of the 20 allowed pictures, I could hardly wait till the next week. On the second week, I realized that I was not going to wait any longer and decided to become "Awesome". With the privileges of this status, I started to build a basic portfolio with some subsections that I called "Les rues de Montréal", "Les rues de Munich" and "Les rues de Paris" to showcase pictures taken in the 3 cities where I spend most of my time. The thrill of realizing that very talented photographers from all over the world would comment on my pictures and even send me signs of "Affection" was indeed awesome! Ironically, the picture that received the 100th sign of "Affection" was entitled "The chosen One", displayed in the Munich subsection.


  • April 8th, 2011
  • Nikon D700
  • 52mm / f/4.5 / 1/1600 sec

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Giorgio Anselmi  over 5 years ago

What a shot! Bravo, bravissimo

Philip Rice  over 6 years ago

Welcome Michel, I also joined recently! The image above was very well spotted - great lighting. I really like 500px as well, it is really motivating me to work harder to improve my photography! Cheers.

Michel Desjardins  over 6 years ago

Thank you Brian! Love your picture of the duet at the piano.

Brian Shaw  over 6 years ago

Great to hear that! i have the same sentiments. i loved the atmosphere of the shot youve taken above!hope you'll enjoy sharing here as i have. welcome to 500px sir!