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Good morning

Published January 21st, 2012

This photo shoot was light, fast and inspired. Inspired by NYC, inspired by Polly's work & her presence, and by Alina's wonderful apartment which was so cozy on a -10C day :) Thank you Alina for being such a wonderful model and thank you for donating your apartment and giving me a hand with moving the furniture. Tea was amazing and I am still in love with your tea cups <3





















Side notes...Good shots can be made with "old" cameras. Though I did decide that D70 is not the best for shooting under low light conditions (such as apartment shots) and am now strongly considering upgrading. Also it is about time I started seriously thinking about a good macro lens :) I love photographing details, but you can do only so much with a 50mm.

  • January 14th, 2012
  • Nikon D70
  • 50mm / f/1.8 / 1/125 sec

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Will Faucher  almost 5 years ago

I love the style of your edits. They have such homey, comforting, cozy tones.
Kudos to you, definitely gives me something to consider for my next shoots!

Diana Tula  almost 5 years ago

Thanks Will :)

Muddasir Javed  about 6 years ago

wow. that is a pretty extensive workflow but something that I already do. This new feature that Debbie is talking about, I would love for you to participate and show the described workflow. I bet all of us will greatly appreciate you sharing with us the tricks you have gathered over the years. Perhaps a video tutorial. Looking forward to it

Muddasir Javed  about 6 years ago

This is a good series. Especially for studying the way you composed, exposed and edited the shots. I have a few questions:
Was all this done in natural light or flash was used?
How do you edit them? I mean your finishing is fantastic and if I want my images to look like this, where do I start? Looking for a direction....

Diana Tula  about 6 years ago

Thank you M,

I do several edits to photographs, first edits happen in Lightroom and second edits in Photoshop.

First, I import all photos to Lightroom, as soon as photos are imported I take a look at the first 5 shots, and start playing with settings, adjusting tone, brightness, contrast, maybe split toning. I play around for a bit until I get the setting that I like. Once I get to a colour edit that I like I copy paste it to next 3-5 images, trying to get a feel if this will work for all the other photos. If it is a success, I save all the changes made a Preset. This way I can easily apply the same colour changes to all the other photos.

Then I select the photos from a shoot that I love most. All blurred, boring shots get discarded. Then, second round I pick 20-40 favourites. I assign them a rating, and then select my favourite 10-15 to "Quick Collection". When photos are too similar I pick only one that I like, or decide to make a diptych - composing two photographs into one frame. I apply the saved "preset" to all photos while I am choosing them.

When I have my favourite 10-15, I go through them adjusting individual settings, making sure that light and tones match on all the photos. This way a series of photographs would look consistent. And when done I then open each photograph in Photoshop for final touches.

I open photos in Photoshop with saved Lightroom edits, and start working on some quick fixes. I clean up the skin, getting rid of blemishes, veins, dark under eye circles etc. Working with "patch tool" for general corrections, and with "stamp tool" at 100% or 30% opacity when working around the edges. I alway work on a new layer of work. This way I can compare the change, and if I overwork an area I can always use an eraser tool to let the original skin texture shine through.

Once I am done with skin edits, I move on the the overall image. If there is dust on the flow, a twig in a way, an exist sign on the wall or a socket I photoshop that out. I do that using marquee tool, some copy pasting os selected area on different layers, and some stretching if needed. The key is to make sure that everything looks real and natural when done. Also, if I was planning to make any diptychs now is the time. I copy paste, usually vertical photos, into one frame, resize, add a dividing white line if I see fit and save.

Photoshop is now done, I save all photos as copy edits and go back to Lightroom for finishing touches. If some photos are too dark in one part of a photo and need some brightening I then use "Graduated filter" with adjusted brightness. If I want to add some extra purple or pink I use "Graduated filter" with some added colour of pink or purple. I may apply very light vignette, fix the contrast, and blur some selective edges. And voila - it is all done and photos are ready to be exported.

:) Diana

Andrey Tochilin  about 6 years ago


Irina Luca (inactive)  about 6 years ago

great story.

Diana Tula  over 6 years ago

Thanks guys & gals :))

Olena Revina  over 6 years ago

Whimsical :) Love the mood.

Alina Vorob  over 6 years ago

I love it! :)
Thanks Diana it was an awesome "morning" ;)

Awesome Account
Dirk Grimmer  over 6 years ago

a very nice series!