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David Godwin

David Godwin



English graduate from Cambridge. Former Varsity Culture, Fashion Editor and Head of Events for Cambridge Creatives. Links to my journalistic work below. Fashion work: Scandinavian fashion: www.varsity.co.uk/fashion/7742 Photo shoot inspired by Edward Hopper's paintings: www.varsity.co.uk/fashion/7961 Makeup fashion shoot: www.varsity.co.uk/fashion/7844 Texture fashion shoot: www.varsity.co.uk/fashion/7619 Colour in Autumn shoot: www.varsity.co.uk/fashion/shoots/fall-defiance Garden party shoot: (photographed by me) www.varsity.co.uk/fashion/shoots/a-knotty-business#!/image/0 Backstage videos: www.youtube.com/watch?v=bDsU9OLJqeY www.youtube.com/watch?v=067X7ZWSNHE Writing work: The best places to get a cup of tea in Cambridge: http://www.varsity.co.uk/features/8102 Review of 'Orange Is the New Black': www.varsity.co.uk/reviews/7318 Review of 'House of Cards': www.varsity.co.uk/reviews/6978 Review of Barbican Pop Art and Design: www.varsity.co.uk/reviews/6630 Review of Lowry Exhibiton: www.500px.com/dgodwin/stories/3915602/lowry-retrospective-review Review of Roy Lichtenstein retrospective: http://www.varsity.co.uk/culture/6001 Short piece on Christmas: www.varsity.co.uk/lifestyle/6557 Three-part column on the best coffee table books, memoirs and Christmas book gifts. Collected here: www.500px.com/dgodwin/stories/3909542/series-the-coffee-table-book-connoisseur-varsity Four-part interview series with up-and-coming student actors and directors. Collected here: https://500px.com/dgodwin/stories/3915614/interview-series-in-your-own-words-varsity Sports writing about Cambridge University's Clay Pigeon shooting success: www.varsity.co.uk/sport/5992 and 500px.com/dgodwin/stories/3861398/blues-on-target-at-bucs-cambridge-finishes-fifth-in-national-final-clay-pigeon-shooting-report-the-cambridge-student-january-2013 Review of DJ Fresh music event: www.tcs.cam.ac.uk/music/0021896-live-review-dj-fresh.html

Interview series: In Your Own Words - Varsity

Published February 14th, 2014

A series of interviews with students who take an active part in Cambridge theatre.

The first half of each interview focuses on questions about their most recent play. The second half asks more general questions about the person themselves. These questions remained the same in every piece.

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Lowry Retrospective - Review

Published February 14th, 2014

A review of the Lowry retrospective at the Tate Modern

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Series: The Coffee Table Book Connoisseur - Var...

Published February 10th, 2014

A series of 'Varsity' pieces pulling together coffee table books from particular fields for quick and interesting reading.

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'Blues on target at BUCS: Cambridge finishes fi...

Published December 29th, 2013

[This report featured on the back sport page of 'The Cambridge Student']

In North Shropshire on Sunday 9th December, Cambridge entered a team of nine shooters for the 2012 BUCS Shooting Championship, a comparatively small squad when compared with Harper Adams contingent of 42.

The shoot was a challenge for all abilities but not to the extent where less experienced shooters might have been overly frightened. Target presentations were varied and included rabbits (clay pigeons that run along the ground), springing teals (targets that fly away from you) and close-to-long-range crossing targets (not too difficult to imagine!)

The infrequent bursts of cold wind moved targets off their expected trajectory, a challenge for everyone regardless of ability. Nevertheless, everyone in the Cambridge team hit all the targets at least once, an achievement of no small proportion. Not only was it useful for bragging rights later in the clubhouse, it was very beneficial for the score card!

Final resu ...

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