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Greg Sharpe

I am a passionate photographer and have spent a great deal of time looking for that insane angle and its almost always elusive. I also take photographs such that I can blend them with elements of digital artistry and make art from the pictures. Allowing me to visualize how they would look in a gallery or on a canvas. One of my photography passions is landscape photography. I also love to shoot architectural scenes and elements with some old world or urban splash. One day I want to build a studio for preparing and testing my work.

My most challenging photo shoot was in Paris on the Seine river, at night, on a boat, in the rain. It was a very humbling experience to say the least, but what I learned was extremely valuable. I

Much of my work hangs in homes, businesses and hangout spaces. I encourage feedback so jump on in and tell me what you think.

Check my facebook page at and check my tweets @dgsphotography.

I am also featured on @ I enjoy participating in local galleries, art shows and markets to meet new artists and get a sense of what others are doing around me.

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