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Dhrumil Desai

Dhrumil Desai



Dhrumil is an award winning fashion and commercial photographer in the Los Angeles/Orange County area who focuses on creating sophisticated, stylish, and elegant photos. He offers images with a character to his editorial, fashion, beauty, and advertising clients that help sell the products. The goal is for the people to fall in love with these characters being portrayed by sharing Dhrumil’s vision and passion through his photography. The images highlight the fashion but also develop a relationship between the viewer and the photo by having a strong character presence in the photographs. Recent personal projects include creating a series of photographs taken from the window seat of an airplane, which has won him an award in the Fine Arts category in the 2nd National Photo Awards held by the Government of India’s Ministry of Information and Broadcasting. You can see his latest work at www.dhrumildesai.me or get in touch with him at dhrumil@dhrumildesai.me.
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