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Dhruv Dhakan

Dhruv Dhakan



Street Photographer Ahmedabad , Gujarat , India. Willing to do documentary photography

The Girl on the Zebra Crossing !!

Published May 12th, 2012

So , am about to write my First Photo Essay story. Have been doing Street photography now for almost couple of months , glad that i have found out pretty early what i want to do and what i like in the Vast forms of photography. So streets is something that is going to be given the Highest priority when ever i get a chance to picture something.

It was one odd day, came early from work and thought of just going on the streets !! Not very far , a couple of blocks away from my Apartment i saw something that reminded of my childhood. Pretty sure every one might have done or would have passed the phase. A girl being pulled on the streets by the dad , as assuming she didnt wanted to go home and still play or do something that is more fun. The dad being tired from the daily routine and work had stronger intentions to go home.

The pictures below covers the above , as i said my first Photo Essay so do go easy on me :) but feedbacks and critics are always welcomed.

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Street Photography - Don't Think , Just Shoot !!

Published April 12th, 2012

A Blog/Story Again?

Hi all ,this is my first story on 500px and am again about to make a habit of writing a Story or rather Blog on stuff i love. Though i have to say am not good at it , its like a Smoker that always tries to Quit Smoking and the next day you can see him regretting on the fact that he even thought of Quitting it. Though in my case i always try and think to write something and i end up regretting that i don't . So lets say this can be added on to my X number of tries in doing the same.

So Why only Street ??

Its not something i just picked up from the web like some days back and like everyone else around want to get a bite of this trend in photography or Genre !! It has been something that we (Me as well as a very good friend/mentor/Brother - Adil Akbar) have been doing for 6 months now. Not in a Dedicated way , but in between other stuffs like Macro , portraits , Strobes , Events , Landscapes , Candids and other aspects or forms of photography. So it has been lur ...

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