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German based urban and travel photographer with focus on urban and natural landscapes, street sceneries, architecture, night shots and long exposures. Photographic initiations at the end of the 90s in Düsseldorf.

Specified his distinct photographic and digital post-processing skills through years of passion for photography and digital imaging, love of travelling, learning and exploring and constantly pushing the borders of his own creative work. Refined and elaborated his own photographic and post-processing style during several journeys to the U.S., Asia and throughout Europe.

Jörg Dickmann was born 1973. He married in 2013 and changed his name to Jörg Wanderer. Still creating and distributing his photographic work under his birth name.

Currently living and working in Munich.

Agency: www.visualarthouse.de
Gallery: www.yellowkorner.com


  • Canon EOS 5D Mark II
  • Leica M9

Munich, Germany

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