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Diego Freitas

Diego Freitas



1362 My primary objective is not only to show the abundant beauty that exists in our nature, but also through my objective to show my vision of this natural world around me.


Published August 4th, 2011

Hello everyone, and welcome! First of all let me introduce myself, my name is Diego Freitas and I am a nature and landscape photographer and currently reside on the island of Madeira, situated in the Atlantic.

This passion for photography began as a child, I always had a lot of curiosity about this world. My uncle was passionate for photography and I would spent most of my time touching on cameras and rolls...and for me that world was something exciting and mysterious. I remember many times my uncle walking me around home with the camera on my chest and I would take pictures even without roll, or sometimes he used the cartridges last a roll and took pictures with no size or measure of everything that I come across.

As I grew older I always took pictures occasionally, but only recently when acquired in 2003 my first digital camera, which again aroused in me the one that would become today one of my greatest passions ... Photography.

My interest in this art of capturing light came int ...

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