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Brian Rodgers Jr.

Brian Rodgers Jr.



Brian Rodgers Jr. (founder of Digital Art That Rocks, LLC) is an American Advertising Federation award winning commercial advertising photographer and digital artist based out of the South Bend Indiana area specializing in product photography, architectural photography and commercial portrait photography. Brian’s humble roots start with the values of hard work & sacrifice instilled by his parents at an early age. Mowing lawns when he was just a kid had allowed him to earn enough money to purchase his first electric guitar. Through the process of teaching himself how to play that instrument, he learned the virtues of patience, and the discipline to become a self motivated scholar. The discipline & patience required to become great at playing an instrument has transcended into the entrepreneurial instinct Brian has today. Brian has created brand images for national companies & small businesses alike. His work has been published in various national and internationally publications including Photoshop User magazine, Architect Magazine, Dentaltown Magazine and popular youtube shows & podcasts like “The Grid” & “Photography Tips & Tricks” produced by Kelby Media Group to name a few. Brian has also been a guest blogger for Scott Kelby’s Photoshop Insider Blog. In 2015, Lee Morris Co-Founder of featured Brian as one of the “Photographers You Should Be Following On Fstoppers". Today, Brian is a published contributing writer for & has started his own online premium photography & retouching training courses. Brian is not just a photographer, he is an artist. Retouching is own work allows him to deliver a product that reflects his unique vision. His clients are never disappointed in his abilities to produce consistent, compelling imagery. Brian is a member of the ASMP (American Society of Media Photographers) as well as an advocate for artist’s rights.
  • Does it really matter? It's just a tool to create the images in our mind
  • Different focal lengths, different apertures
  • Soft Light, Hard Light, Mixed Light...Light is Light

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