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Dillard Stephens

Dillard Stephens



Edward Via College of Osteopathic Medicine Class of 2018

The Water Drop Adventure

Published October 1st, 2012

While I have dabbled in water drop photography before, I have never truly given it the time and patience it deserves. Today was another attempt at rushed perfection. I realized a local photography contest's deadline was this evening, and I had little time to get an entry. While I had to "force" a picture for such a thing, I had little choice. The categories consisted of farm equipment (boring), or any form of water. Water drop photography was the first thing to come to mind, as I assumed no one else in my small town would think along the same lines. So I set off to create my water drop rig, consisting of a dropper pipette, a cooking pan, water, dslr, cable release, two flashes, and an array of gels. While I only had about 45 minutes to play with the settings and drops, I had a wonderful time. I really need to devote a weekend to perfecting my drops and rig to get the desired results. Hopefully the judged will like my photos!

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