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Dinesh Tilva

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There is a common man living in Rajkot whose name is Dinesh Tilva. I am sure, you haven’t heard his name and that’s just because he too is judged by what he was and what he is, not what he can do. He runs a small printing house. He has immense knowledge in his field, no doubt about that. But apart from that, he has knowledge on almost everything. You give him a subject of ‘Pippal Tree’ to talk about and I guarantee that you will faint listening his non-stop knowledge about it. I am pretty much sure that, he highly deserves a Ph.D’s degree for his research on ‘Pippal Tree’, but he won’t get it, why? The simple but stupid reason being that he isn’t a graduate. He went to some Indian University to find out a way if he can enroll for Ph.D. but as you know our education system which believes more in certificates than the knowledge, he was refused and rather advised to do the graduation. This is something like asking Mahatma Gandhi to first learn politics and then fight for Indian freedom! I mean, there are few things which are natural in all of us, which doesn’t need any certificate.

I am pretty much confident that, someday Dinesh Tilva’s knowledge will be recognized by an university of other country. And then as usual, our Indian media, educational institutions and the people of India will feel pride of it. I mean, that’s how we celebrate someone’s recognition. We first don’t give someone a chance to grow and rather kick him out, but when he grows with the support of other country, we become the first to say “We are proud of him as he is an INDIAN.” Proud, my foot!

Apart from his knowledge on Pippal Tree, he owns great knowledge on various businesses. He is a great consultant. He has helped many people to learn a way to earn with their talent and skill that they wouldn't have realized in years hadn't had they met him. I strongly believe that if he is given an opportunity by the Government of Gujarat to start up an Entrepreneurship Development Department exclusively headed by him, without any limitation, theoretical syllabus, force or favors, he can create hundreds and thousands of successful entrepreneurs. He has this magic touch that even uneducated but skillful person can become a hit. Hence, if an educated as well as skillful person gets his support, he can make wonders. No single doubt about that. I know that Government runs Entrepreneurship Development Departments and Agencies. I myself have visited one of them and what I have experienced is that, there is nothing but the bunch of theories and high-figh funda talks. They advise you to do this and that, but they don’t make you to achieve that. Where as if Dinesh Tilva’s skills are invested by the Government then society can be filled with more and more successful people. But we all know, it’s next to impossible to believe for several reasons; one of them being he is not a graduate because government recruits only certified (not necessarily educated!) heads!

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