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Dionys Moser

Dionys Moser



Since 1998 I am a full-time professional landscape photographer. I live in Switzerland, but I spend minimum 9 to 10 month of a year outdoor in the desert, the rainforest, between icebergs, on vulcanoes, in the natures, ... always chasing the light. I organize dozens of phototours, photo-expeditions and photoworkshops each year to a big variety of places and countries. I love showing people the wonders of nature I have found and discoverd long tiime ago and sharing with my guests the special moments of light. My work in photography and also my life is dominated around the everlasting desire to be there at the right time in the right light ! *To buy my work*, please contact over my website. I spent more than 8 years of my life in various deserts. Since 18 years I organize fototours and fotoexpeditions worldwide - with my company

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