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Kevin Wilhelm

Kevin Wilhelm



Amateur Photographer who has true love and passion for nature. My photography is an escape from the mundane and stress of life… For the last two years I was shooting with my Nikon D90, but the desire to take my photography to the next level just happened to coincide with the release of the Nikon D800 and scheduled trip to Washington State where I had already located a mating pair of eagles on a previous trip. I spent every minute of available daylight (upon completion of my primary job) observing these amazing creatures shooting more than 60GB of photo’s with my new Nikon 36 megapixel beast. I was reluctant to post any of my pictures the American Bald Eagle/symbol of freedom because no matter how good the photography, this is just another one of God’s amazing creatures that are impossible to ever capture the true essence, spirit, and majestic beauty in digital format and simply must been seen in the wild and experienced with the human eye to fully appreciate… There aren’t words to describe the intense feelings that envelops and overwhelms human emotion if you are ever fortunate enough to observe the American Bald Eagle in the wild… Especially as close as they allowed me into their personal and protected space. I was truly blessed with the ability to integrate with a mating pair of these majestic eagles while on location in Oak Harbor, Washington earlier this year. They allowed me to get up close and personal for 5 consecutive days… But when I attempted to push the envelope on the 6th day and final day on location and allow my good friend Tim to be a part of the gift that had been bestowed upon me, the mating pair would not hear of it and made a point of leaving the nesting area every time we approached (no matter how long that we patiently waited) and would only return to their core area each time that they witnessed the two from afar getting back into our vehicle to go… Was their behavior on the last day a coincidence??? I think not, because this scenario played out 6 different times over the course of the day and my friend never did get to observe these amazing creatures up close and personal the way that the so freely allowed me.

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